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Bare land checklist

Physical considerations


  • Pegged and fenced?


  • Any Rights of Way that may affect you or surrounding property
  • Entranceways formed or do they require culverts/upgrading etc?


  • Good boundary fencing?
  • Further internal fencing required?


  • Usually the vendor is responsible for all costs associated with subdivision
  • From resource consent being granted it can take up to or in some instances more than six months until issue of Title
  • Settlement occurs upon title issue in most cases
  • Check services to be supplied and easements to be created
  • Check land covenants

Building Platform

  • Cost of earthworks required (if any)?
  • Retaining walls required?
  • Required distance from boundary for buildings?
  • Engineer’s report?

Effluent Disposal

  • Check with local Council for requirements
  • Run-off


  • Planting to enhance – prior to building
  • Wind protection required?


  • Required for run-off or for flat land?


Water Supply

  • Bore on property?
  • Easement from neighbours bore, dam or spring?
  • Cost of putting down your own bore?
  • Cost of rainwater storage tanks?
  • Cost, location, associated costs of reticulation, pumps, power, tanks, troughs?
  • Water meters, usage (domestic, stock, gardens, toilet, irrigation) cost of sharing electricity to pump and maintenance?
  • Alternative water supply – natural spring, dams/ponds


  • Location of nearest transformer?
  • Distance to house site, sufficient power supply, easements required
  • Alternative power supplies such as solar or wind.
  • Three phase or single phase power available?


  • Availability of phone lines
  • Mobile reception
  • Internet access – cable or wireless
  • Broadband capabilities
  • TV reception


Land Covenants

  • Full list should be supplied or available through lawyer
  • Ensure you can meet requirements
  • What else is happening in immediate surrounds?
  • Buildings, plantings, activities


  • Inclusive or exclusive?
  • Will you be claiming GST?
  • Are you GST registered?
  • Zero rated supply