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Selling – Why choose Avram

Market experience and knowledge

Avram comes to Real Estate with a deep understanding of marketing and business.  These factors contribute to his ability to assess and understand the current market and the unique intricacies of Lifestyle & Rural properties.

Specialising in the specific market of Lifestyles (small blocks from ½ an acre to 100 acres, close to town to remote rural), Avram has the specialist knowledge to understand the unique factors that can trip some people up when dealing with rural land; such as subdivision requirements, easements for water and power, boundary deviations, access etc.

Negotiating skills

Avram’s experience and background provide him with an ability to navigate even the toughest negotiations with a level head and pragmatic approach.  Driven with the vendors goals in mind, and with respect for all parties, Avram takes the time required to achieve the optimal result and leaves no stone unturned.

Marketing skills

Avram can recommend with confidence the best way to market your property, whether with a fixed price, by negotiation or by going to Auction or Tender etc. Things that he will take into consideration are your location, size of home and land area and the time frame you need to be sold by.


With a solid team behind him, Avram can focus on you the client, 110%!  Avram is supported by his personal assistant Lynda Jane and his buyer’s agent Michelle Johnson, both licensed agents with over 40 years combined experience. Excellent administration and management systems result in a very efficient and effective team that delivers an above and beyond service experience.

Network and database

Avram has an extensive network of professionals associated with the property world that he works with on a regular basis, including lawyers, valuers, surveyors, well drillers etc.

Avram has an extensive database and quarterly, sends direct mail to over 3000 properties, plus regular newsletters

to past clients, professionals and friends – People know and trust Avram.  Specialising in Lifestyle properties, Avram’s buyer database only has people specifically looking for a Lifestyle which he sorts into price brackets and categories to easily target the right people when a new property comes to the market place.

Combining the skills of Avram and his team with the resources of Property Brokers Ltd and the wider national group (click here for map) makes a powerful and effective team for marketing your property.


What happens when you ask Avram to appraise your property for sale.

Avram will make an appointment to come and meet you at your property as you and your property are unique and he needs to appreciate its finer points and find benchmarks to assess it against other properties to give you the information to make the best possible decisions.

Avram will in most instances then put together an appraisal document with his assessment of where your property sits in the market and recommendations for a marketing campaign and the best possible  method of sale,

taking into consideration the time frame you would like to work to and the state of the market, so that you achieve the best possible price.  Careful planning at this stage is the key to a successful sale. Avram will explain his findings and recommendations with you.

Going on the Market

A listing contract will be drawn up with all the relevant details for both parties to sign. Once your property is listed and you have made the commitment to sell, quite often there is a gap between this date and when you actually see things happening.  Behind the scenes Avram and his team will be busy getting everything in place to set up the marketing of your property.

If we are holding open homes, we will contact you well in advance to organise them to tie in with the advertising, these are usually between ½ an hour and an hour.

For individual viewings we always try to give at least 24 hours notice, to enable you to have time to prepare your property.

We never leave you wondering, we call you as soon as we have any feedback from potential purchasers and provide fortnightly feedback letters that summarise the activity on your property.